Thursday, March 17

It’s a day of good green things….

…and purple ones! First, I have a new project to show you, at the request of my dear future SIL.

While we were in Virginia last week, I picked up some fabric and buttons for a new kindle cover, and this is the result!


The Details: fully lined, front pocket, timepiece buttons, felt padded between layers, all finished edges, piping trim on the pocket, elastic button loops, and fold-over flap.


It’s was a really fun project when I got back, and it’s super snug, so I don’t feel like my kindle is in any danger. I might do a tutorial later, but I would need to make another case, so maybe not? I’m not sure.

I have a last quick promotion, and this one is actually green….

If you pop over to Carissa’s store (This Little Missy) at Stuff to Scrap, she has a surprise waiting for you.


I’m so excited to work with it! Expect to see LO’s in the near future, and I want to see yours as well. Link them back here, or up in the STS Gallery, so I can comment on your pretties!



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  1. It's so cool! I would def. love to see a tutorial so I can make a cover for my nook :) I love the buttons too!