Sunday, February 6

Reasons why I love Grey… or… A tale of Switzerland

I’m aware that the title is a bit ambiguous, but I’m goin’ for something here. I have a love of color. I was a semi-art student in high school, and thought about pursuing it further in college, but there were other plans in the works, so I kept art as a passion, not a job. I especially love me some neutrals, like Switzerland. Ha, Get it? Okay…

Back to the colorful neutrals… We actually didn’t spend very much time at all considering colors. We know what we like, and it was important that it was wearable, but fitting to our personalities. Here’s what we chose:

color palettecolor palette

You’re probably thinking to yourself, that’s not a color palette, that’s the whole rainbow! But we have primary colors (the first palette) that we refer to first for everything, and secondary colors (the second palette) that just keeps me from going insane staring at yellow all day. I’ve never been a fan of the weddings that look like this…



Matchy-matchy is not my style. I like things that compliment each other, a little contrast never hurt anyone! I will someday get an inspiration board up for you all to point and giggle at my goofy ideas, but in the meantime let me tell you how we ended up choosing grey.

I know that grey is a super popular color lately for weddings, but here’s why I felt like it worked for us:

1. While I look good in brown, I know my wedding guys & gals aren’t gonna want to rock it out in a color I know most of them won’t wear more than once.

2. The fab-oo color black has swooned me before, but I knew I wanted a really laid back wedding, and not so much a upscale classy affair. I felt like black was a little more “style” than we were looking for.

3. Classically, white is the wedding staple. I kept it around, obviously!, because I wanted a sweet white dress, but here’s why I love grey…

Grey can be so many things that other neutrals can’t. It’s warm and cold, happy and sad, and it fits well with so many themes (i.e. mod & vintage). So here’s to my lovely color grey, that I can’t seem to get enough of…

Oh, and a side note on my spelling… I found a great link-o to this site that I think puts it best:

Gray is a color… Grey is a *colour*

What colour drives you wild? Are you using it in other parts of your life than just your wedding? Are you crafting anything grey??

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