Saturday, March 26

This Very Moment…

I am in a crafting/sewing/planning/papering/decorating/drawing CREATIVE mood.

There are so many things I want to do right now that are swirling through my head, and with my weekend plans on hold from potential weather problems, I guess I have the time to do them!

Here’s what I’ve been drooling over…

The Aprons in this Book are fantastic! I love the different variations and ideas. It’s super inspiring. The pattern situation on the other hand is not quite as thrilling because they’re all pretty mismatched and overlapping. Oh well. Pattern-making skills to the rescue!

(Source: Amazon)

Projects for my Pipsqueaks… No photos here, mostly because I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Jess passed on that Berti is still into drawing, and would like a carry-all for that. Lolo is still a mystery, but I have some ideas for him too. Be on the look out for those in the future.

I would love to have a french press so I can make this French Press insulating sleeve. There’s one that I’m hoping for someday, but for now I am just dreaming. *Le Sigh*

(Source: Moda Bake Shop)

This Quilt – Umm, if I could quilt, cut a straight line, or have that much stamina…. Can I do any of those things? No. So, for now, I dream.


(Source: JCaroline Creative & City Quilts by Cherri House)

Today has not been productive for any of these projects, but I’m bustling with ideas, so I guess we’ll see if tomorrow brings anything!

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